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Sharon Stone Nude

Nude Sharon Stone Famous actress and former model Sharon Stone was born with a superstar name and achieved her status after her controversial role in erotic thriller ‘Basic Instinct’.

She started career as a model after winning beauty contest in the country where she was raised in. She moved for work to Europe from the United States but later returned, this time, to New York to become an actress.

Nude Sharon Stone posed for Playboy in 1990 to show of her muscles she build for the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger which was in making at that time. She was later pronounced one of the sexiest models of the century. A role of bisexual killer in ‘Basic Instinct’ staged two years after has made her even more popular. It is in this picture she spreads her legs to reveal her trimmed crotch while wearing no panties to police officers during the questioning. This scene raised concerns between Sharon and her director, but fans were happy nevertheless. After this movie People magazine included Sharon Stone in the list of 50 most beautiful Nude Celebrities in the world.

Sequel ‘Basic Instinct 2′ came out even more hardcore with Sharon Stone group sex scene included in UK version of the film. It again raised disputes between the actor and director, but this time Sharon realizing the power of her amazing body was insisting on more nudity than the director considered an acceptable level.

Over the time Sharon turned from shy girl into a raunchy women whom we all love and adore…

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December 31 2017 10:52 pm

Sharon Stone Nude Movie Scene

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